• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a fee waiver?

    Fee waivers are given to qualified applicants who are completing coursework through a University or College to assist in decreasing the cost of those classes.  Most applicants use these classes to help them meet the requirements to maintain their licenses, or to obtain additional degrees.  

    Who is eligible to apply for a fee waiver?

    All Columbus City Schools non-substitute certificated staff and all non-substitute administrators.

    Do I need a fee waiver if I am taking an Outreach course available through CCS?


    How am I notified that fee waivers are available?

    Professional Learning & Licensure website (Fee Waivers)

    CCS Email 

    The Voice (CEA members only)

    When are fee waiver applications available?

    Autumn fee waivers-last week of April 

    Spring fee waivers-first week of November

    Summer fee waivers-first week of February

    Where do I go to apply for a fee waiver?

    The fee waiver application process is done using CCSDAS found on the Intranet/CCSNet.  Click here using a district computer: CCSDAS

    How will I know if I am approved for a fee waiver?

    Once your application is electronically submitted, you will be notified that your application is pending by viewing the summery screen in CCSDAS. The Fee Waiver Committee will meet to approve or deny your application and you will receive an email from the CCSDAS system 2-3 weeks after the application deadline (please check your spam, junk, or clutter folders).

    Otterbein, Ohio Dominican, Ashland and Capital all have paper certificates that you will need to turn in to your College/University. Once you receive the email of approval, the certificates will be sent through interoffice mail.  *Autumn semesters only are sent to your home address.

    Please sign and return the acknowledgement of receipt by the deadline or you risk forfeiting your fee waiver.

    Can I still apply for a fee waiver if I don't know my College/University ID Number?

    Yes, please enter 12345678 into the ID field of the electronic application, however your fee waiver cannot be applied to your account without your correct ID number.  Once you receive your ID number, please email that information to feewaivers@columbus.k12.oh.us.

    Please note that this will only allow you to submit the application, however your fee waiver cannot be applied to your account should you be approved. Once you receive your ID Number, please email that information here.

    How do I know if my documentation has been accepted for my priority status?

    You will be notified through your CCS email if your documentation is not accepted after your submission.

    Do I need to submit documentation, if I submitted documentation for the previous semester? 

    Yes, each application process requires documentation to determine your priority status.

    What do I do if the class I submitted information for changes?

    You do not need to notify of a class change as this happens frequently. However, the class that you use the fee waiver for must be related to the program in which you are enrolled.

    What do I do if I receive an error message when trying to submit my electronic application?

    Please contact the helpdesk at 614-365-8425. Please try to submit your application early in the enrollment period to allow additional time for errors and additional documentation that may be needed.

    Can I submit an application to more than one College/University?

    No, you may only submit one application per semester.

    Have you been accepted into the Accelerated Program for Principals, or the Superintendent Licensure Program?

    If yes, please provide your College/University acceptance letter as documentation for your priority status.

    What do I do if I received a fee waiver and I decide not to take classes?

    For paper fee waivers: Return the certificate to Professional Learning and Licensure, 889 E. 17th Avenue 43211.

    For electronic fee waivers: Send an email notification to feewaivers@columbus.k12.oh.us

    Can I use my fee waiver for a different semester if I decide not to use it for the semester it was issued?

    Fee waivers must be used for the semester they were awarded or immediately returned to Professional Learning & Licensure to be reissued to another applicant for the pertinent semester.

    Will the fee waiver cover all of my expenses for the class?

    No, you may encounter other fees in which you need to make arrangements to pay. Please contact your College/University for more information, or click the link for your specific College/University for more information.

    When do I have to use the fee waiver?

    The fee waiver must be used in the semester in which the application was submitted. ie. If you apply for the summer semester, the fee waiver must be used for that semester or it must be returned. 

    If you have additional questions, please email feewaivers@columbus.k12.oh.us or call 614-365-5039.