Division of Alternative Education

  • Columbus City Schools is proud to offer alternatives to students who may be struggling with behavior and attendance in school. Through our Options For Success and VCAP programs, we offer alternatives to traditional suspensions and expulsions, as well as the opportunity for students to make up missed hours to avoid falling behind their classmates.

    Options for Success “O4S”

    OPTIONS FOR SUCCESS (O4S) is a personalized learning opportunity for students. The mission for the O4S program is to provide an individualized academic experience in conjunction with a positive working behavioral plan to assure the realization of success for all students.  O4S is a vital avenue for our students who thrive in non-traditional educational environments.  O4S is made available to students who would otherwise be subject to immediate expulsion or suspension from the Columbus City Schools, and can defer or eliminate the possibility of expulsion or suspension based upon cooperation and involvement by parent and student.  Growth of the program over the past two years has also afforded students grades K-8 the opportunity to participate. This new development permitted 251 students the opportunity to participate in O4S, verses being subject to immediate expulsion or suspension from school. 

    Virtual Credit Advancement Program “VCAP”

    Columbus City Schools (CCS) offers expanded learning opportunities for all CCS eligible students through our distance learning program, Virtual Credit Advancement Program (VCAP).  Expanded high school course offerings taught by highly qualified, certificated teachers are available to students, grades 9-12, who wish to earn credit toward graduation by an alternative means.  Eligible students must be enrolled in the Columbus City Schools district and be 14-21 years of age; but have not earned enough credits to graduate from high school.  CCS-VCAP enables students to complete their high school diploma requirements online choosing from a full complement of courses for enrichment; including courses in literature, history, science, mathematics, physical education and health.  Whether students need to make up missed credits, repeat courses, take courses in advance and/or balance school with other responsibilities, CCS-VCAP can be a great alternative. 


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  • Danielle E. Bomar, Ph.D.
    Supervisor of Alternative Education

    Julisa N. Capers
    Secretary for Options for Success

    Angela D. Eddings
    Student Support Services Coordinator of VCAP

    Linmoor Education Center
    2001 Hamilton Ave., Room 7
    Columbus, OH 43211

    Phone: 614.365.5842
    Fax: 614.365.8927

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