Student Placements

  • Columbus City Schools (CCS) currently works with 40+ universities/colleges throughout the country placing their students in our classrooms for field placements, internships, student teaching, etc. These partnerships provide opportunities for future teachers to have hands-on experiences in a variety of classroom settings.   

    Every school year, Columbus City Schools’ teachers volunteer to serve as mentor teachers, hosting university students in their classrooms.  Mentor Teachers provide guidance in classroom management, pedagogy, content delivery and teaching strategies.  

    CCS teachers interested in mentoring a university student must have taught in the district for three years. Mentor teachers do not receive compensation due to Ohio’s Ethics Laws.  Compensation for the District, such as Fee Waivers, varies and is provided by the partner universities and colleges that place students in CCS.  CCS Mentor Teachers receive CEUs for mentoring a university student.

    Steps to becoming a CCS Mentor Teacher:

    • Complete the online application at
    • The username and password are the same as the teacher’s iLEAD username and password.
    • Interested teachers must complete the application each school year.
    • Principals/supervisors must approve the application each school year.
    • Mentor teachers may accept or reject the placements they receive.
    • All placements are made via CCS email.

    Information regarding some placement requirements may be found at

    Steps to receive CEUs for mentoring a university student:

    • To request CEUs for mentoring a university student, submit the CEU Request Form found HERE. You need to complete this form for each student placement you have during a school year. 
    • To receive CEUs for mentoring a university student, CCS teachers must submit the request form (and any other identified requirements) no later than January 20th for first semester placements and June 20th for first semester and/or second semester placements of the school year in which the placement occurred.  Please complete this form at the end of the student's placement.  In addition, all placements must have been made by CCS Professional Learning and Licensure.  If approved, CEUs will be awarded in CiMS by Professional Learning and Licensure by February 1st and June 30th.   
    • In order to receive CEUs for hosting a student teacher/intern/co-teacher, you need to also submit a one page reflection. Reflections may be sent to Stacie Dieffenderfer at 17th Ave., or preferably, via a link to a shared document (Google doc, Dropbox, etc.)  Please put the address to your shared document on the identified area of the form. This does not apply to short term field placements/observations, extended placements, FEEP students or 280 hours or below student teaching placements. Double check your placement parameters at
    • A chart outlining approved credit bearing activities for Cooperating Teachers Supervising University Students may be found HERE.

    Interested in a Student Placement in Columbus City Schools?

    • Please contact your college or university’s field placement coordinator to arrange your student placement experience in Columbus City Schools.  
    • An affiliation agreement must be on file between the university/college for a placement to be secured.  
    • Fall semester placement requests are due April 1st while spring semester placement requests are due November 1st.
    • Please do not contact schools, principals, or teachers directly.