Final Recommendations For Consolidation

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    The Superintendent's Community Facilities Task Force presented its final recommendations on school closings/consolidations during the Board of Education Business meeting on Tuesday, June 25th. These final recommendations will be voted on at a later date. A timeline for implementation of Board-approved changes is to be determined.

Grade Brand Standardization

    • Relocate 6th-grade students from the South feeder pattern and establish a middle and high school at South.
    • Relocate 6th-grade students from the Linden-McKinley STEM Academy feeder pattern boundary area and establish a middle and high school at the site.
    • Transition Starling into a Pre-K-5 site by relocating the middle school students to Westmoor and Hilltonia Middle Schools.

School Closures

    • Broadleigh Elementary School
    • Buckeye Middle School
    • Eastmoor Middle Facility (Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys building)
    • Fairwood Elementary School
    • Lindbergh Elementary School
    • McGuffey Facility (CAHS building)
    • Moler Elementary School
    • North Linden Elementary School
    • West Broad Elementary School

Video Presentation of the Final Recommendations

Final Recommendations Fact Sheets

Final Recommendations Presser