Students & Families in Transition

  • (Experiencing Homelessness, Foster Care and Justice-Involved)  

    Columbus City Schools offers specific support for students who are involved in the foster care, juvenile justice system, and/or experiencing homelessness. Dedicated district liaisons assist by ensuring the educational rights of students for whom the district is responsible.

    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act are the guideposts for services provided.  Staff determine a family's eligibility for services. Staff works with the parents/caregivers, schools, community agencies, and surrounding school districts to ensure every student in transition can succeed in school. 

    Program staff provide assistance with:

    • School selection and enrollment
    • School supplies
    • Addressing barriers affecting school attendance and full participation
    • Obtaining necessary documents such as birth certificates, school and medical records
    • Dispute resolutions (credit review and verification)
    • Best Interest Determination (BID) - to determine the appropriate school option
    • IEP/504 support
    • Transcript/credit review and verification
    • Collaborate with local child protection agencies
    • Transportation

Our Mission

  • The Office of Student Assistance Division of Students & Families in Transition promotes a seamless transition into and between schools for CCS students who are experiencing homelessness as well as those involved with the foster care or juvenile justice systems. Students are provided wraparound support and assistance with removing barriers throughout the duration of their transition. 

Contact Us

  • Department of Student Services
    Office of Student Assistance
    Central Enrollment Center
    430 Cleveland Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43215

    Felisha Lyons
    Executive Director
    Phone: 614-365-5460

    Vunessa Allen-Martin
    Supervisor - Student & Families in Transition
    Phone: 380-997-3233

    Ivy Mitchell
    Foster Care Liaison
    Phone: 614-365-5012

    Kevin Boehm
    Homeless Liaison
    Phone: 614-365-5140

    Timothy Nared
    Justice-Involved Youth Liaison
    Phone: 380-997-0894