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    • OSU Fee Waivers are available for Autumn, Spring and Summer semesters.
    • One Fee Waiver is equivalent to 3 credit hours.
    • You do not need a fee waiver for an Outreach Class.
    • You will not receive a statement of account from The Ohio State University.
    • It is your responsibility to register for your class.
    • If you wish to schedule or drop classes, review your account or obtain other information, you may do so by using the Buckeye Link below.
    • Please email FeeWaivers if you do not use the fee waiver or you take less credit hours than what you were approved for.
  • Additional Fees

    There may be additional fees to pay, such as the COTA bus fee, distance learning fee (if applicable), and others. For an explanation of fees, visit the website below, or contact:

    Buckeye Link at 


    Bursar 614-292-1056

    Fees Explanation

  • Application of Fee Waiver

    Fee Waiver typically applied up to 3 credit hours per semester.

    Payments will post to the student's account within one week after submission to OSU.