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  • Points of Emphasis 2024-2025

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    Doing Social Studies

    Big Ideas and Overarching Essential Questions

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    Big Six Ideas


    Snapshot of a Successful Social Studies Classroom

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Featured Resources

  • TCI Implementation Resources

    CCS has adopted TCI's History Alive!, Geography Alive!, Government Alive!Econ Alive!, and Global Issues Alive! programs for core social studies courses in grades 6-12. 

    Access the CCS TCI Implementation Resource Center page here.




    Intentional Planning Resources

    An Intentional Planning Google Doc Template and a sample completed template are included on the page linked below. 

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    Social Studies Teaching and Learning Strategies

    An annotated bibliography of 50 social studies teaching strategies: Preview and Processing; Evidence-Based Argumentation and Writing; Historical Concepts and Events; Social Studies Skills and Primary Sources; and Discussion and Deliberation.

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    Social Studies Blended Learning Padlet of Padlets

    A collection of online tools and resources for use in Blended Learning classrooms. Padlets include: Graphic Organizers, Choice Templates, Interactive Sites, Readings, and Video Resources.

    Click here to access the padlet.

    Online learning