National Board Certification

  • The National Board Certification Teacher program allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom, and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession. Research shows that National Board Certified Teachers have a greater impact on student learning and achievement than non NBCT teachers.  Students of NBCT outperform their peers in other classrooms.

    Successful completion of the National Board Certificated Teacher program will satisfy one of the requirements for a Lead Professional Educator License.  To apply for a Lead Professional Educator License, teacher must have:

    • Master’s Degree
    • Nine years of teaching experience
    • National Board Certification OR Teacher Leader Endorsement/Master Teacher Program

    NBCT consists of four components: 

    Component 1: Content Knowledge - Computer based assessment in the selected area of certification
    Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction - Classroom based portfolio primarily comprised of samples of student work and written commentary
    Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment - Classroom based portfolio comprised of video recordings demonstrating student engagement
    Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner - Portfolio articles demonstrating knowledge of assessments and assessment practices.

    Considering Pursuing NBCT?

    Interested in pursuing your NBCT? Please contact Karmen McCaslin at Please see for additional information.

    A NBCT shares her experience and how the program has impacted her:

    National Board for Certified Teachers

    Stipend Information

    NBCT Stipend Information 2021-22