Social Studies & Civic Education Student Programs

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

  • OCLRE pro­vides pro­grams fo­cused on: imparting practical law-related information to students and teachers, developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills for students, and providing positive engagement between students and the community. Programs include:
    Note: A supplemental contract is available for High School Mock Trial Advisors.

Ohio History Connection

YMCA Youth & Government

  • The Ohio YMCA's Youth & Government Program enhances development of the American democratic process for young people through participatory training in the theory and practice of the Ohio state government. Students learn about the legislative process, how to write and research bills, and how to participate in elections. Their work culminates in teens serving as delegates at their state conference, debating bills on the floor of the legislature.


Constitutional Rights Foundation Civic Action Project

  • Civic Action Project (CAP) is a project-based learning model for civics and government courses. It offers a practicum for high school students in effective and engaged citizenship and uses blended learning to engage students in civic activities both in and out of the traditional U.S. government classroom. The CAP model is based on the work of the Columbus Annenberg Civic Education Initiative.   (High School)


Penny Harvest

  • The Penny Harvest service-learning program empowers students to achieve their own potential, while creating positive outcomes for both themselves and our community at large. Student leaders organize their peers to collect funds, uncover community needs and then take action to meet those needs. (Elementary)


Law and Leadership

  • The Law and Leadership Institute inspires and prepares students from underserved communities for post-secondary and professional success through a comprehensive four-year academic program in law, leadership, analytical thinking, problem solving, writing skills and professionalism. (Grades 8-9)