Materials Science

  • Materials Science is a high school level course, which satisfies the Ohio Core science graduation requirements of Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.603. This section of Ohio law requires a three-unit course with inquiry-based laboratory experience that engages students in asking valid scientific questions and gathering and analyzing information.

     This course introduces students to key concepts and theories that provide a foundation for further study in other sciences as well as advanced science disciplines. Materials Science comprises a systematic study of the different classes of solid materials that are used in engineering and design, the qualitative and quantitative ways we describe and measure the behavior of these materials, the methods engineers and scientists can use to change these properties, and the ways in which the properties dictate their use in a variety of applications.  The course is organized to guide students towards an understanding of the relationships between the different properties intrinsic to solids, their structure at a range of size scales, and various processing methods. 

     Investigations are used to explore the similarities and differences between ceramics, metals, polymers, and composites as well as how and why different classes of materials are used for different applications.  Students build skills in the measurement of intrinsic materials properties as well as the reporting and analysis of data using charts and graphs. Incorporating frequent discussions of career opportunities in materials science and current issues regarding the sustainable use of resources prepares students with higher order cognitive capabilities of evaluation, application, and design.

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