Math 6 Accelerated Testing


    Each year, Columbus City Schools identifies 6th Grade students currently enrolled in Math 6 who may qualify for math acceleration.

    To be identified, students must have met at least one of the requirements below:

    • Math 5 OST score of 4 or 5
    • Math 5 OST score of 3 with an A earned during Grading Period 1
    • Student identified as gifted in Math or Superior Cog
    • Student score of at least 495 on i-Ready BOY assessment or at least 514 on i-Ready MOY assessment (these thresholds are based on i-Ready's current year Overall Placement Tables)

    In order for students to be successful in this program, they must possess the following qualities:

    • Strong skills in math
    • Good study skills/habits and attendance
    • Independent thinking
    • Not afraid to ask questions
    • Good homework and test results

    Once schools are notified of qualified students, we will also consider teacher recommendations.

    Identified and recommended students will take a placement test in March to determine acceptance into the MS Accelerated Math Placement Program.


    A score of 60% is required to pass the placement assessment.  

    Math 7 Prep 

    In addition to working on their Math 6 ALEKS, students may wish to work on some Math 7 content that may be tested. For this, we recommend Getting Ready For Math 7 by Khan Academy.

    Students should work through the first four sections

    Practice Test

    Students identified as qualifying for the Middle School Math Acceleration Test may take a practice test, if they so choose. To do so:

    Students can stop/pause at any time. The program will remember where the student left off each time.

    Do not hit FINISH until you are completely finished taking the practice test.


    Also available is a paper version of a Practice Test as well as the Practice Test Answer Key.