Parent Resources

  • The purpose of this page is to provide useful information to help ensure your child is successful with his or her math studies. Click here for information on free online tutoring available to all students in grades 3-12 through our ALEKS program. 


    Columbus City Schools adopted McGraw-Hill textbooks and software for all grades K-12.
    Every student in grades K-8 will have a textbook that can be written in (called consumables).  
    At the high school level, textbooks are used in class. Students wishing to sign one out may do so in the school library. 

    All students in grades K-12 have digital access to their textbooks. 

    To access your account, please log in throught the Clever app and click on "McGraw-Hill". For more information on Clever, click here


    The ALEKS program is an artificial intelligence-based software packaged designed to enhance student learning in mathematics. Students take an initial assessment in their subject. ALEKS then creates a path designed specifically for each student based on the results. Student learn topics at their own pace. They are re-assessed as the learn. Their progress is visible as a pie graph. Students enjoy seeing each part of the pie fill in as they learn. All students in grades 3-12 have access to this very helpful program. 
    For login information for ALEKS, please see your child's teacher or email Steve Hiner

    MS Accelerated Math Pathway

    Students taking 6th grade math will have an opportunity to test to see if they qualify for the MS Accelerated Math Pathway. For more information, click the Math 6 Acceleration tab on the menu at left.