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  • Ohio State Test (OST) Exam Support

    On this page you will find the latest information to help prepare for the tests for grades 6-12 mathematics.
    Students will use Desmos calculator for online testing. The calculators found on are different from the calculator allowed during testing. Some features have been disabled on the testing calculator. Refer to the Desmos Calculator Guidance documents linked below for details. Students need to practice using the calculators at the links below prior to testing. Students should also take the practice tests on ODE's webpage.  
    Desmos Calculator Guidance:  Grades 3-8      High School
    Handheld Calculator Guidance: Grades 3-8      High School

    Did you know ....

    ODE allows Patty Paper (a type of tracing paper) to be used on state AIR tests. This paper can be helpful for students working on transformations and other geometry problems.
    Click below for Formula Reference Sheets which also contain graph paper to be used during testing:
    Grade 6 and 7               Grade 8               High School

    OST Practice

    ODE provides online sample tests. Try all of them to become familiar with different computer enhanced testing items.

    ACT Support

    For tips, information, strategies, and resources to help students prepare for the ACT, download the document below:
    Be sure to try out the sample questions provided by ACT here
    We also now have access to an ACT Prep course in ALEKS. Students should talk to their math teacher if they are interested in obtaining access to this course.

    Page last updated Septmber 7, 2022