HS Chemistry

  • This course introduces students to key concepts and theories that provide a foundation for further study in other sciences as well as advanced science disciplines.  Chemistry comprises a systematic study of the predictive physical interactions of matter and subsequent events that occur in the natural world.  The study of matter through exploration of classification, its structure and its interactions is how this course is organized.

    Extensive laboratory investigations are used to understand and explain the behavior of matter in a variety of inquiry and design scenarios that incorporate scientific reasoning, analysis, communication skills and real-world applications. An understanding of leading theories and how they have informed current knowledge prepares students with higher order cognitive capabilities of evaluation, prediction and application. Students will also examine current chemistry issues using appropriate and effective reading and writing strategies, which will be integrated into all aspects of the curriculum along with numerous comprehensive laboratory experiences. This laboratory course covers all of the clear learning targets as outlined by Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Science and Common Core State Standards of English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.

    Prerequisite: Credit for Algebra 1 and Geometry or concurrently enrolled in Algebra 2.  Successful completion of a Physical Science course or permission of instructor.   

    Click here for Ohio's Learning Standards for Science
    Click here for ELA Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Science