K-5 Mathematics Framework

  •  The Math Framework includes 3 types of lessons:

    • Concept Introduction Lesson - During the Concept Introduction Lessons, students engage with newly introduced concepts and make connections with prior knowledge. This prior knowledge will include connections made in multiple domains.
    • Concept Building Lesson - When engaging in Concept Building Lessons, students are engaged in building knowledge and deep conceptual understanding of the concept. Students develop strategies and understanding through problem solving.
    • Concept Application Lesson -  In a Concept Application Lesson, students use the understanding of the new concept and are applying that new learning to other problems. Students are deepening their understanding and strengthening their skills.

    These lessons engage students in the Mathematical Practices that promote mathematical proficiency. Each lesson includes the components of Lesson Goal and Structure, Mathematical Discourse, Small Group Instruction, Evidence of Mathematical Understanding and Strategy Fluency. This framework is supported by both research based practices and the Core Instructional Framework that was created by CCS Academic Services Team.

    Full Framkework: Elementary Math Framework 2021