Columbus Gifted Academy

  • Active Learners. Innovative Thinkers. Compassionate Leaders.
    The Columbus Gifted Academy self-contained program for students in grades 3-8 is located at the former Everett Middle School in the Short North. We are located at
    100 W. 4th Ave.,
    Columbus, OH 43201.
    Phone:(614) 365-6961

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    Program Eligibility
    The Columbus Gifted Academy is the "Category C" level of service on the continuum of gifted services offered in the district. It is open to students residing in Columbus City Schools boundaries entering grades 3 through 8 who are identified as gifted in either superior cognitive ability or both reading and math. Placement is offered each spring by the Gifted & Talented Department based on eligibility criteria; families do nt apply via the lottery.  If more eligible students wish to attend than there are seats available, students will be selected based on identification area and qualifying test scores used for gifted identification.  Families of potentially eligible students who reside in the district but do not currently attend a CCS school should contact the Gifted & Talented office for information about potential enrollment.

    To engage, enrich, and empower gifted learners through unique, rigorous, self-directed educational experiences in a collaborative learning environment that supports the whole child within and beyond the classroom.

    Program Highlights
    The Columbus Gifted Academy teaches a curriculum based on state standards with opportunities for enrichment and extension based on student needs. Learning tasks incorporate research, problem-based tasks, critical and creative thinking, social-emotional development, and more. Instructional pace is based on students' demonstrated mastery of content. The middle school program works closely with a variety of community partners, including Actor's Theater, COSI, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Grange Audubon, Ohio History Connection, the Columbus Museum of Art, to apply learning to real world contexts and simulated experiences. Students have access to art, music, and physical education classes as they would in any other school building.

    Program Staff
    Director: Amanda Reidenbaugh
    Secretary: Maureen Athey

    3rd Grade:

    • Brenda Crumley
    • Donna Harris
    • Traci Palmore
    • Nicole Robinson

    4th Grade:

    • Julie Crosby
    • Edna Marshall
    • Lisa Prinz-Liedtke/Tiffany Tripp
    • Stephanie Stegall

    5th Grade:

    • Debbie Ferrell
    • Julie Levy
    • John Pettibone
    • Cam Thompson

    6th Grade:

    • Kelly Aitken - 6th Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies
    • Amy Genter - 6th Grade Math/Science
    • Sam Leopold - 6th Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies
    • Laura Pappa - 6th Grade Math/Science

    7th Grade:

    • Stephanie Baumgarten - 7th Grade Math
    • Elise Bodnyk - 7th Grade Science
    • Andrew Cashin - 7th Grade Social Studies
    • Carolyn Willis - 7th Grade English Language Arts

    8th Grade:

    • Laurel Murphy - 8th Grade English Language Arts
    • Rebecca Shaffer - 8th Grade Social Studies
    • Anastasia Stuntz - 8th Grade Math
    • Matthew Wood - 8th Grade Science
    • Middle School Interdisciplinary Studies: Sherry Daniel
    • Special Education: Brad Green
    • Physical Education: Sam Scillia & Chelsea Hudson
    • Art: Michelle Alder & Dana Stacey
    • Instrumental Music: Christopher Ross, Brandon Hellemen, & Colby Roseberry
    • Vocal Music: Rachel Amey & Emma Schlosser
    • Counselor: Amanda McClelland
    • Library Assistant: Megan McGonigle
    • Nurse: Amy Vereb
    • School Psychologist: Mildred Poindexter
    • Speech Pathologist: Jennifer Eaton
    • Custodian: Ms. Locia

    Other Details
    Hours: 9am-3:30pm
    Dress Code: There will not be a uniform. Students are expected to follow the district's dress code.
    Transportation: The district's Transportation Office is developing bus routes to transport students from their home neighborhoods to the Columbus Gifted Academy. Specific information about bus stops and times will be sent by the Transportation Office in August.

    More information about Columbus Gifted Academy can be found on the Gifted & Talented Resources and Links page.