Gifted Identification Process

  • Whole Grade Screening
    Students in K-5 using the iReady diagnostic test will be screened in reading and math 2-3 times per year. Notification of new gifted identification will occur in November, February, and May. Students in grade 2 take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test and students in grade 5 take the Cognitive Ability Test in November to screen in superior cognitive ability. Students who score high on the Naglieri and Cognitive Ability Test will also be screened for creative thinking. Scores are usually sent home by schools in February or March.

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    Alternative Testing
    Any student in Grades K-12 may be referred for testing in superior cognitive, specific academic, or creative thinking abilities for up to 2 opportunities per year for testing (including whole grade screenings). Referral packets are online and in the Gifted & Talented office. Students referred with permission on file by October 29 will be tested between September 7 and January 31. Students referred with permission on file by February 4 will be tested between February 7 and May 6. Students referred after the winter/ spring deadline will be tested the following fall. Scores are mailed home within 4 weeks of testing.

    Visual and Performing Arts Assessment
    The assessment process for Visual and Performing Arts is a lengthy, multi-step process. Individual referrals of students in grades K through 12 are accepted from parents, teachers, or others throughout the year for either fall or winter evaluation. All students in grades 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 will be considered by their arts teachers for possible referral during the fall evaluation window.  More details can be found here

    Transfer Students
    Students new to the district may be evaluated within 90 days of enrollment upon parent request.

    Identification from Other Districts
    Gifted identification in another Ohio public school district will be recognized by Columbus City Schools. Families should provide evidence of the identification by way of letter from the previous district or other documentation. Students identified as gifted by a district outside of Ohio may be identified in Ohio if the tests used are less than 24 months old and are on the Ohio Department of Education’s approved list of instruments. If the testing does not meet that criteria, the student may be referred for testing within 90 days of enrollment at parent request.

    Appeals of results must be submitted in writing within 30 days of parent notification of results. Appeals should be mailed to the Executive Director, Office of Teaching and Learning, 2001 Hamilton Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211. The Executive Director of Teaching and Learning will issue a written final decision within thirty days of the appeal.

    Guidelines for Gifted Identification can be found on this page.