Employee Relations

  • Human Resources – Employee Relations

    The most important part of any organization is its people. This is especially true in an educational setting. The purpose of Employee Relations is to assist in the effective management of relationships between managers and employees of Columbus City Schools. This involves ensuring fair and consistent treatment of all employees so they will be committed to their Jobs and to the children we serve.

    The Employee Relations unit in Human Resources encompasses the following responsibilities:    

    Union/Management Relations 

    This includes relevant communications to employees based on contracts such as office closures and early dismissals. Employee Relations will also intercede in order to resolve issues before they become grievances. This is accomplished through ongoing dialogue and meetings with union representatives.


    Collective Bargaining Agreement (Union Contract) Interpretation and Administration  

    Employee Relations staff assists in the interpretation and administration of Collective Bargaining Agreements and ensure consistency in application and administration.


    Code of Conduct/Employee Attendance 

    The role of Employee Relations is to update and assist both managers and employees to understand and comply with/enforce the Code of Conduct and Employee Attendance Policies.


    Employee Misconduct Investigation and Discipline 

    When a manager reports employee misconduct, depending upon the severity, Employee Relations staff will either counsel the manager on how to handle and document the incident, turn it over for investigation and/or a pre-disciplinary hearing. Once a hearing is conducted by an Employee Relations Hearing Officer to establish the facts, discipline is determined in accordance with Progressive Discipline steps.


    Substance Abuse by Employees/Reasonable Suspicion Testing 

    Managers who suspect an employee of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will contact Employee Relations. Employee Relations will ensure appropriate intervention and compliance with the District’s Substance Free Workplace policy.


    Union Grievance and Appeals

    When questions or controversy occur involving interpretation or application of the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Employee Relations manages the grievance and arbitration process to resolve the issue or dispute.