Huy Elementary School A.G. Bell Program

  • Huy/AG Bell follows the state's Common Core Standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. We work diligently to prepare our students to become college or career ready when they graduate high school, all the while making lessons engaging and meaningful.

    Our school is working towards becoming a "Literacy Collaborative" School. Our teachers are participating in various professional development opportunities to learn and implement the various components of this researched-based framework. Students will be participating in a 150 minute reading block that includes: interactive read alouds, community writing, writers' workshop, word study, shared reading, and guided reading groups. During these activities, students will be interacting with the teacher, each other, independently, and in a small group. Experiencing these different reading methods and activities allows for each student numerous opportunities for reading and writing across the curriculum. Enrichment and re-teaching sessions are also included, allowing teachers to provide the differentiated instruction needed to meet the needs of all students.

    Recently the district adopted a new math textbook know as "My Math" published by McGraw Hill. This Math textbook is to be used to support the teacher and the students in mastering each grade level Math standard. Along with the textbook, "My Math" comes with an amazing on-line resource that can be used to differentiate instruction and practice for every single student that logs on. Your child's teacher should be implementing this on-line component in the next few months. If you have access to the internet at home or can go to your local library, the on-line program is a great way your child can receive additional Math support.