• Homeschool and Educational Disabilities

    If your child is being homeschooled, has an educational disability (Autism, Specific Learning Disability, etc.), and has an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) then please complete this online form and submit your information to ensure that your special education documents stay in compliance.  All ETRs must be completed every three years and providing this information to CCS will help ensure the district keeps the special education records updated.  

    Click the link https://forms.gle/Y8WiXE25myjkubWU6 and complete the form.  The information collected from this form will be used to track when your child’s reevaluation is due.  

  • Why does the district need to know that my homeschooled child has an educational disability?

    Section 3321.042 Home Education Law allows parents to notify a district that they will be homeschooling their child and only need to provide the child's name and the family's address.  3301-51-03 Child find requires districts to identify all students who have disabilities.  The information being collected from the form for homeschool students will allow the district to have enough information to ensure their child find duties are completed.  Special education records (ETRs) will stay up to date as a result of the parent volunteering the information that is provided in the form.  

  • Initial Requests

    If your homeschooled child is not identified with an educational disability (Autism, Specific Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, etc.) and you have concerns, then you may email John Cook, School Psychologist Supervisor, at jcook1324@columbus.k12.oh.us to request an evaluation.  Please note there is no guarantee that a request will automatically lead to an evaluation, however, a staff member will contact you and discuss the concerns to determine how to proceed.


  • Home Education Notification 

    All families who choose to home-school their child must annually notify the district of residence.  Go to https://www.ccsoh.us/Page/6086 for more information.