Food Services

  •  Food Service Mission: Working together to provide meals that nourish and stimulate the mind and body of every student to enhance learning in a global community. 

    We recognize the men and women who make our days a little better by honoring our food service staff.                                          

                We are hiring. Apply here.


    School Menu Restrictions Currently in Place:

    • Peanut and tree nuts are not served by cafeteria staff to students in elementary grades.  
    • Seafood and pork are not served on the student menus.


    Columbus City Schools follow the MyPlate dietary guidelines for student meal planning.   
    Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal.  Make healthy food choices! 
    For more information, click on Eat Right with MyPlate or download a free smartphone app: Start Simple with MyPlate. 
    Supply Chain Disruptions
    For more information about supply chain disruptions that are impacting our menu, please read this letter from Director of Food Services Joe Brown: Supply Chain Disruptions
    School Menu Survey
    Please take our survey about school lunch: Click Here
    School Lunch Survey
    To read the latest edition of the Food Service newsletter, click here The Dish
    The Dish 
    Food Services Initiatives
    For updates and information, follow Columbus City Schools on Twitter and Instagram @CCS_Food.
    This institution is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.