Neighborhood School Development Partnership (NSDP)

  • The Neighborhood School Development Partnership (NSDP) is a volunteer, independent panel created by the Columbus Board of Education after voter approval of a $392 million bond issue (and $132 million state match) to fund Segments 1 and 2 of a 7-segment, 15-year Facilities Master Plan.

    Through the work of four subcommittees:

    • Legal
    • Project Oversight and Scheduling
    • Finance
    • Education, Engagement and Communications

    The NSDP is charged with responsibility of overseeing all of the district's construction projects within the Facilities Master Plan and to make recommendations to the Columbus Board of Education prior to a vote to appropriate funds.

Watch Archived Meetings

2020 Meeting Dates

  • All NSDP meetings are generally held at the Columbus Education Center (CEC), 270 E. State St., in the second floor Cabinet Room, at 8 a.m. Note: all meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic are held virtually and livestreamed until further notice.

    • January 23
    • February 27
    • March 26
    • April 23
    • May 28
    • June 25
    • July 23
    • August 27
    • September 24
    • October 29
    • December 10
    • January 28, 2021