2021-2022 Reopening COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

General Questions

  • What are the health and safety guidelines the District will follow?

  • Where can I find updates on the District's Reopening plan for 2021-2022?

  • What is the current public health reopening guidance?

  • How often will the District update its COVID-19 mitigation plan?

  • What is proper respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette?

  • What is the plan for breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria?

  • What are the health and safety protocols for sports activities and extracurricular activities?

  • What are the protocols regarding shared community spaces?

  • Will the District allow community use of CCS buildings and grounds?

Masks/Mitigation Strategies

  • Will the District require masks?

  • What is the proper way to wear a mask?

  • Why do masks work?

  • Why are vaccinated individuals required to wear masks?

  • Are dividers/sneeze guards for student and teacher desks recommended?

  • What if my child needs a mask exemption for health reasons?

  • Is hand washing required?

  • What can I do to practice mitigation processes at home with my child?

  • What are the expectations and consequences for students who do not comply with correct masking?


  • What are the latest protocols?

  • How do I determine when to keep my child at home?

  • What are the COVID-19 isolation and quarantine protocols?

  • Can a student ride the bus home if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19?

  • How will student absences be handled if they add up due to illness and/or quarantine?

  • I have multiple students in my household. What should I do if one child is exposed and must quarantine but the other is not exposed/quarantined?

  • What steps will be taken to keep students on track with the curriculum when they are quarantining at home, due to exposure?

  • What happens when a teacher has to quarantine and there is no substitute available?


  • Will CCS provide free at-home rapid COVID-19 tests for students and staff?

  • Where can I find information about COVID-19 testing?

  • Are students and staff required to get the COVID-19 vaccine?


  • Why doesn’t the CCS COVID-19 Dashboard show data points that are fewer than 10?

  • When is the COVID-19 Dashboard updated?

  • Why was there a delay in having the CATS dashboard posted at the start of the school year?

HVAC Systems

  • What will CCS do for the buildings that do not currently have air conditioning?

  • Will CCS provide appropriate air filters and ventilation in its school buildings?

  • How do CCS school building HVAC systems align with CDC guidance on ventilation?

  • What ventilation is happening in each non-MERV 14 filter building? How it is adequate to protect against Covid transmission?


  • If my student is late to school due to the bus being delayed, is this an excused absence?

  • If my student misses the school day because the bus didn’t pick him/her up, is this an excused absence?