• Hello Warrior Family!!

    Here are your weekly announcements.We are officially in the second semester, so let’s start and finish this semester strong! Students attendance is key to a successful 2nd half of the school year. Please make sure that you set a goal to attend school on time every day. Parents if for some reason your student has to be absent, please send in a note regarding their absence upon their return .Seniors, there are only four months left in your senior year. This time is critical. By now you should have met with your counselors and reviewed your graduation agreement. If you have credits to recover, you should be working diligently on those courses both at school and at home. Parents APEX assistance is available for seniors during their 2nd period class if it is on their schedule and is also available to all grade levels in person after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45p-4:45p. Mr. Edmonds is also available via Zoom on Wednesday’s from 2:45p-4:45p. The district also has test openers available in the evening from 3p-7p. Students who need to sign up for APEX to makeup classes from first semester can use the qr code on the flyers at school or they can find a link on the school website. They may also reach out to their counselor for questions or assistance.Seniors who are doing alternative pathway for graduation need to make sure they're keeping up with assigned tasks.All Columbus City School students are required to have 120 hours of internship in order to graduate. We can take 90 hours from pay stubs if your student works. Students do not have to wait until their senior year to start turning in their internship documentation. Seniors if you have not completed your internship hours or turned in documentation please take care of that this week. You should schedule a time to meet with Mr. Valentine to get internship opportunities and or to turn in your hours. You may also find internship information on his Google Classroom.Just a reminder that all students are expected to be dress code everyday. Please see our website for our dress code policy. Parents will be called to bring their students appropriate clothes. If a parent can not bring clothes, your student will be sent to ISS and possibly face additional discipline if this is a repeated offense.Parent-teacher conferences will be held in February 1st from 3p-6:30p. and on February 16th from 3:30p-7p. The sign-up link is posted in our website.The Ohio English Language Proficiency test or OELPA will take place on January 31st and February 1st. Those students that need to take that test should have by now received an email from Ms. Caruthers.Well those are all of our for now. Have an AMAZING evening!