• Be advised that we have a change to the Dress Code for the upcoming school year. We are charged with preparing students for college and careers. This dress code aligns with this goal in that it prepares students to understand the level of dress expected in these areas.

    Some highlighted areas of the CCS dress code are:

    Students must be appropriately covered at all times = No bare midriffs or shirts/dresses with straps thinner than 2 fingers in width.

    No halter/tube tops or dresses.

    No sleepwear or blankets / No Gang related apparel/No t-shirts with drug or sexualized images or statements are permitted.

    Hoodies and hats are not to be worn inside the building.

    Shorts and skirts should be long enough so that when the arm is completely extended the hem reaches past the student’s fingertips.

    No sagging pants, pants with chains or spikes on belts or spikes worn as jewelry, or ripped pants above the fingertips. Students who are out of dress code will work with our Student Support Team or Administration to find appropriate clothing. Repeated violations of the dress code policy will result in disciplinary actions. Administration reserves the right to modify the dress code policy during the school year if there are safety, harassment, concerns. We are working to have this information updated on the school website and the district website.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.