• New School Year Dress Code


    At Johnson Park, we want our students to achieve greatness in all areas.  We want our students to be present and focused on their school work without unnecessary distractions. Studies have shown the following benefits of schools adopting a dress code: 


    1) Increased school unity - similar wardrobes support a sense of community 


    2) Reduce social conflict (bullying) and peer pressure - dress codes decrease issues and conflicts that may be associated with appearance 


    3) Fewer distractions - students will be more focused on academics instead of their wardrobe 


    4) Increased security - help students to stay safe as administration will be able to easily identify students who are not a part of the Johnson Park family 


    Therefore, the Johnson Park Administration has decided to implement a new dress code for the 2019-2010 school year. The new dress code is as follows:






    Khaki Pants, Shorts 


    Khaki Pants, Shorts, Skirts 


    Red Polo


    Red Polo


    White Polo


    White Polo


    Tennis Shoes, Dress Shoes  


    Tennis Shoes, Dress Shoes





        Shorts and Skirts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee   


         No Jeans or Denim 


         No Sagging - pants must have a belt or will be zip tied by administration


         No slides, no flip flops, no open toed shoes


         No hats, bandanas, doo-rags


                                        Hoodies are not permitted during the day so ensure your child dresses for the weather





Last Modified on August 11, 2019