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Get Ready for Round Two at Mifflin Middle School

Mifflin MS Staff

January 8, 2021 -- At Mifflin Middle School, teachers and staff made a surprise visit to 100 students over three days during Winter Break. They delivered 100 yard signs to students’ homes.

“We love and miss our students so much,” said Tracey Colson, Mifflin Middle School principal. “We wanted to show our families how much we care about them and what they’ve accomplished, whether it’s making the honor roll or having outstanding attendance in this virtual learning environment.”

Colson said that delivering these signs to Mifflin Middle School students’ homes all over the City took an army of teachers and staff who volunteered their time.

Mifflin MS Staff

“We’re not done either,” said Colson. “In the next few days and on weekends, we plan to deliver more signs. Our goal is to deliver a sign to the home of every Mifflin Middle School student.”