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Dominion Middle School Student Shares Giving Spirit Through Art

Simone Edwards

December 20, 2021 -- Sometimes, it takes a child to remind us of what is important -- teaching a life lesson for which no curriculum exists. A seventh grade class at Dominion Middle School recently experienced this through a student’s endearing act of kindness. 

Dominion MS ClassThirteen-year-old Simone Edwards handed out small note cards with pictures she made for each of her 27 classmates. Every picture was individualized for each student, displaying items or activities they enjoyed. The gifts were received well, as students eagerly showed one another, with giggles and ear-to-ear smiles.

“Simone knows I love Harry Styles, so she drew me a picture of him with song titles around him,” said one student. 

Others received pictures of soccer balls, books, food items, or whatever Edwards recognized and thought would be important to her classmates. When asked how long it had taken to complete all the pictures, she humbly answered, "a little over a month."

Edwards explained that she came up with the idea when a friend who admired her artwork asked her to draw something.

“When I gave her the drawing, it made me feel really good to see how happy it made her,” Edwards said. “I realized that we all have something to give, a way to make others happy, and this is my way.”

Edwards spent the next couple of weeks asking questions and talking to classmates she did not know as well as others. She then took to her sketchbook and began drawing from her heart, thinking of each friend as she drew.