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Women's History Month: From the Desk of Superintendent

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March 28, 2024 -- Spring has arrived! The world is becoming reborn with a fresh sense of possibility and renewal. This awakening in nature echoes the spirit of National Women's History Month, dedicated to recognizing and empowering women who, like the new buds of spring, bring fresh perspectives and life to our world. 

Over the course of the month, Superintendent/CEO Dr. Angela Chapman highlighted several women for their contributions to our students, staff, and community. Read more about these incredible women here:


Columbus Board of Education President Christina Vera is a beacon of dedication and leadership within our educational community. President Vera's journey to this respected position is a narrative of deep commitment to the District that nurtured her, a District where she both received her education and chose to enroll her children.

President Vera's story is one of full-circle engagement. As a proud graduate of Brookhaven and a parent within the District, she has witnessed firsthand the evolution of Columbus City Schools. Her decision to serve on the Board of Education sprang from a genuine desire to contribute to and advocate for a system that, she believes, could better reflect and serve the needs of its changing community. 

Her drive to improve and advance CCS's mission and vision exemplifies a leadership style deeply rooted in community, collaboration, and commitment to progress.

Moreover, Christina's inspiration and approach to educational leadership are influenced by the powerful women in her life. Her narrative is rich with the lessons of resilience and perseverance inherited from her mother, aunts, and mentors who guided her through the complexities of corporate America. 

These women instilled in her an understanding of the professional world, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, resilience, and the subtle art of navigating challenges.

Under President Vera's leadership, CCS has embarked on initiatives aimed at empowering students, especially young women and girls, to see themselves in roles traditionally underrepresented by their gender. Her focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, STEAM, and partnerships to increase female representation in various industries reflects her vision for a district that champions inclusivity, opportunity, and empowerment for all students.

President Vera's leadership is a testament to the transformative power of education, mentorship, and community involvement. Her story is not just one of individual achievement but a reminder of the collective responsibility we share in shaping the future of our education. 

Her advice to future young women leaders is rooted in authenticity, resilience, and mentorship. She emphasizes the importance of embracing one's unique journey and leveraging personal experiences as a source of strength. She encourages aspiring leaders to seek mentors for guidance, persist through challenges with tenacity, and approach leadership as an opportunity to serve and enact change. Her counsel is a reminder that authentic leadership involves achieving personal success, empowering others, and contributing positively to one's community. We thank you for your service to our CCS staff and community President Vera!


The achievements and journey of Columbus Board of Education Vice President Dr. Tina Pierce, a Shero whose leadership and advocacy work is a powerful example for women and girls in our community. Dr. Pierce's journey to leadership is a story of determination, community involvement, and an unwavering dedication to education.

Starting her leadership journey as a Beechcroft High School student, Dr. Pierce has strongly advocated educational equity from an early age. Her involvement in crucial initiatives and her role in teaching political science underscore her commitment to ensuring every student has access to quality education. Inspired by fellow parents, her decision to run for the school board marks a significant step in her career, profoundly impacting the Columbus City Schools community.

Dr. Pierce's unique perspective, shaped by her experiences as a Columbus native and CCS alumna, brings authenticity and depth to her role on the Board of Education. Her efforts are characterized by a drive for equity and inclusion, focusing on initiatives that aim to elevate academic standards and improve the well-being of the school community.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Pierce's personal story of resilience, supported by influential women in her life, such as her grandmother, Gracie Diggs, and her mother, Denise Taylor, emphasizes the transformative power of education and community. Her journey highlights the importance of self-discovery, passion, and purpose in pursuing leadership roles that are not only rewarding but also true to one's identity.

As part of her commitment to fostering change and supporting future generations, I am proud to share the Dr. Tina Pierce Social Justice Scholarship application. Now in its 4th year, The Ohio State University Alumni Association will award scholarships to Columbus City Schools alums and graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to community engagement, social justice, or political activism. 

This scholarship supports students majoring in Political Science, African American and African Studies, Sociology, Public Affairs, and other social justice-oriented majors at Ohio State University. Please join me in sharing this opportunity widely. Applications are due by May 3, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST. You can find the application here.

Dr. Pierce's journey and dedication to the CCS community inspire us all. She embodies the spirit of National Women's Month. Her leadership honors the legacy of the strong women who have shaped her path and lights the way for the next generation of female leaders.

In her own words, Dr. Pierce advises young women and girls to focus on self-understanding, pursue what brings happiness and aligns with their purpose, and build networks that support personal growth. She emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to evolve and the need for self-grace, especially among black women, in their journey toward leadership. We thank Dr. Tina Pierce for her service and for being an inspiration in our community.


Keilah Brewster stands out in this season of renewal as she cultivates young minds at Columbus Africentric Early College, embodying the transformative power of education and leadership.

Ms. Brewster, a proud alumna of Africentric, embodies what it means to come full circle—from student to teacher, influencing the same halls that once nurtured her dreams. Her education journey is sparked by a lifelong desire to help others, coupled with the inspiration she drew from her English teachers at Africentric. These educators showed her the boundless possibilities of teaching, igniting a fire within her to pursue a career where she could impact lives through literature and discussion.

In her classroom, Ms. Brewster ensures the voices and stories of women are front and center, particularly highlighting female authors like Jacqueline Woodson and Angela Johnson. Her approach to teaching is profoundly personal and reflective of her experiences, enabling her to forge meaningful connections with her students. She navigates discussions on race, gender, and identity easily and intentionally, encouraging an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and understood.

Ms. Brewster's influence extends beyond the academic; she serves as a mentor and safe space for young women, guiding them through life's challenges and encouraging them to pursue their passions relentlessly. Her message to her students is clear: stay true to yourself, embrace your identity, and never underestimate the power of resilience and self-expression.

As we celebrate National Women's History Month, let us draw inspiration from Ms. Brewster's journey and commitment to uplifting the next generation. Her story confirms the impact one individual can have on many lives, reminding us of our role in shaping a more inclusive and empowering future.

These are just three of the incredible women that make our great Columbus City Schools community. Thank you for celebrating Women's History Month with us. 

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