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CCS Presents 12 Days of Reading and Math Challenge

Winter break is a great time to encourage students love of reading and writing at home. The activities in the 12 Days of Reading provide literacy experiences for children and their families that can be completed daily during the December 19th through January 3rd Winter Break. The activities and resources will provide children and families with opportunities to read together, have conversations about books and writing and have experiences that make the books they read come alive.  

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In the 12 Days of Math, children in Kindergarten through 5th grade will have the opportunity to experience math challenges during Winter Break.  These challenges are activities that children can engage in daily with family and friends. Engaging children in math discussions is an essential component of a child’s mathematical learning. Not only can kids talk about math when completing the math challenges, they can discuss math concepts that are in books. When children are reading, look for ways that math is involved in the story. For example, in the Columbus Metropolitan Library Reading Challenge, when reading about a dinosaur, go outside with a family member and measure the size of the dinosaur by walking the distance. Families can engage in discussions about measuring, strategies used when measuring, and other opportunities we have to measure in our daily lives. Math is all around us, we just need to be on the lookout.