Football Pre-sale Tickets

Pre-sale Football Tickets ​

* Each student-athlete will be allotted 2 tickets to buy to enter the games.  This includes Football players, Cheerleaders, & Band members (if applicable).

* The “2 ticket purchase limit” will be in effect at both HOME & AWAY games!

* Only student-athletes on the “Active Roster” (provided by the coach) will be permitted to buy tickets for HOME or AWAY games!  


* Tickets for All Walnut Ridge Football Regular Season Games (non-playoff gamesMUST BE PURCHASED in ADVANCE!

ONLY PLAYERS are able to purchases tickets.  Time & location will be coordinated between the Athletic Director & the appropriate Coaching Staff.

* The tickets will cost $5 each (cash only).

* Tickets WILL NOT be sold at the Game, NO EXCEPTIONS!  This includes any parents of participating students, the General Public, or to Walnut Ridge Students (non-players)!

* Tickets for AWAY GAMES (played in CCSMUST BE PURCHASED in ADVANCE as well…using the same protocols outlined above!

PLEASE NOTE..... Walnut Ridge Parents WILL NOT be permitted to buy tickets to AWAY GAMES (played in CCSat the AWAY location!  No Exceptions!

Please email Athletic Director Ware at the address below with questions regarding pre-sale tickets...