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Hog Mollies show 2nd-Graders at Parkmoor Elementary School the Importance of Reading

August 29, 2019 -- You never heard of the Hog Mollies – Duke, Sprout, Hoppy and Harley? Well read on.

Second-graders a Parkmoor Elementary School were among the first in the District to read the twelfth book in the series collection, and they were joined by some special friends.

Second and Seven Foundation, promotes reading and providing free books to children; along with Ohio State University athletes ventured deep into the story of Little Lily.

With every turn of a page, Little Lily discovered the true meaning of leadership, and what wonderful things can happen by planning a tiny seed.

“There are these goals that they can reach, and things that they can do just by opening up a book,” said Ryan Miller, co-founder of Second and Seven Foundation.

The foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Miller, a former football player at Ohio State University says it is important for student-athletes to be role models for the youth and to pay it forward.

“Much like in sports, if you can’t run, you can’t play. In life, if you can’t read it makes it really difficult to compete,” Miller says.

One of Columbus City Schools goals for the 2019-2020 school year is to focus on academic performance. Creating a renewed focus of literacy and numeracy.

“When you can read it helps in the other content areas, and we want to begin reading as early as pre-k. When they come into our doors at age four we want to put books in their hand,” said Charmaine Campbell, Principal at Parkmoor Elementary School.

In the book Little Lily, learned the importance of planting seeds and watching them grow, Parkmoor second-graders planted their own seeds and one day they too will leave a lasting legacy like Lily.

“I am just like this seed. I am growing, it may take some time, I might go through some storms, but at the end I am going to stand tall, and believe in myself because someone else has believed in me,” Campbell says.