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Olde Orchard Elementary School Students Celebrate Columbus Police and Fire with an Appreciation Day


September 18, 2019 -- They lock up bad guys, put out fires and protect the city of Columbus. That is what these elementary school students at Olde Orchard Alternative Elementary School say these are some of the things they learned about Columbus Police and Fire. 

Today was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at the elementary school, and it was filled with an action packed day. 

From learning about all the equipment on a fire truck, seeing what it is like to be inside of a police squad car, meeting officers that ride bikes for a living; some on a motorcycle, others peddling a bike with two feet. 

A law enforcement appreciation day wouldn’t be complete without meeting some of the newest members on the Columbus police force, four-legged therapy K-9 officers, Eddie, a bernese mountain dog mix, and Lenny, a golden receiver.

We can’t forget about the man who protects Columbus from the friendly skies. Yes, these students got to experience a flyover from the Columbus Police Helicopter Unit.

“They really enjoy watching one of my co-workers dress-up in our fire gear, and see how they are protected from the fire and how heavy it is and how we have to breath-in air, and not to be scared of us when we wear it,” said firefighter, David Clark. 

Third graders showed their appreciation for police officer and firefighters by writing them letters.

“Dear police officer, thank you for everything you do for us. you are very kind and I would like to ask you a question or two. One, do you still get to spend time with your kids? Two, do you still sleep? Is catching people to put them in jail hard? I bet the hardest part is putting people in jail or finding criminals to put them in jail,” read third grader, Kendrah Rush. 

“Dear police officers, thank you for helping the world. You risk your lives to help others, also you are really kind. I would rather be a solider, but I do like your confidence and being a good team. I really wanted to thank police officers for helping us and making sure our community is safe,” wrote third grader, Brilynne Holloman. 

“Dear police officers, I would like to thank you for everything you do. I am happy that you protect our country and people. If you weren’t here our city would be in danger. We wouldn’t have food because people would steal it. I am thankful that you risk your life to save us from danger. :38 You are good at saving the world, keep on doing what you do. Do you actually eat donuts all the time? You are the heroes of our world. You are so brave, you fight bad guys,” said eight-year-old Carri Yost in her letter to officer.