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Jurassic World Comes to Life at Windsor STEM Academy

September 5, 2019 -- Third-graders at Windsor STEM Academy were in for a huge surprise as the elementary school gym transformed into a rainforest, the science fiction adventure, Jurassic World came to life.

“I kept it a secret from my kids,” said third-grade teacher, Jennifer Clark. “I’ve been greedy with it and kept it a secret, but once I told them they had a STEM assembly they were through the roof excited.”

Jurassic World Tour Live is making a stop in Columbus, but before taking the big stage paleontologist brought a little friend with them for the students to met.

Olive, is a baby stegosaurus that walks, roars and sometimes cries like a baby too. A special secret about Olive, there really is a human inside this animated puppet.

“The stegosaurus puppets way 130-pounds, that is on top of being operated,” said Paleo Veterinarian at Jurassic World, John Pal Meri. “Really top-class athletes are in them and really high-top technology that goes into making frames that are mobile and animate in such a way that take these from being puppets to being alive.”

Of course Olive stole the show, but this cool experience was not just about seeing a 230-million-year-old stegosaurus, but learning about the Jurassic creatures and their food chain.

“Having this kind of concrete idea, they know what Jurassic World is, they know what dinosaurs are. Having STEM activities that allows them to bring their background knowledge into this activity helps them remember the learning aspects of the day,” said Clark.

“I hope they start to make those connections when they go out in their day-to-day lives. When they see animals they realize these rules still apply it’s not just for show, it’s not just for dinosaurs, this is my world and it is really cool,” Pal Meri says.

Every third-grade student at Windsor STEM Academy received two free tickets to the Jurassic World Tour presented live at the Schottenstein Center September 26 through the 29th.

“We are big on inspiring kids to pursue their dreams. Whether they want to be fit like a superhero, smart like a scientist, showing them that yes it is exciting, but they are the ones that can grow up to be these heroes.”