• Physical Science

    Work to be applied to 3rd quarter grade! You can do up to 30 points worth!

    Research a Scientist: 

    (Worth 15 points) 

    Write a 1page paper on a scientist. 
    In the paper you need to have investigated the following:
    1: Tell me about them personally for example: where did they lived, where were they born, did they have any family and etc...
    2: What is scientific importance did this person give to the world of science.
    3: What did you think about this person after you completed your research on them.
    4: List the sources used
    -Scientist to chose from:  

    Albert EinsteinGalileo GalileiCharles DarwinMarie CurieIsaac NewtonAristotleLeonardo da VinciMarie Curie 

    Science News Article

     (Worth 10 pts.)

    1:  Pick an article from a newspaper or magazine online that relates to one of the branches of science: Chemistry, physics, biology, ecology, geology, astronomy, oceanography or weather and climate

    2.  Cut and paste article into a new document. (I would like to read it as well!)

    3. Write a brief summary about the article and include:
    · What is the article about?
    · Where does the article take place?
    · When did this happen?
    · Which branch of science is it? (the subject might overlap branches)
    · Why did you choose this article?
    · After you have read it, do you have any questions about the topic?
    · What did you learn about this topic?
    · Did you learn any new vocabulary words? 

    Physical Science Code: bsuop3a 


    Check your Google Classroom.  I updated your work for the rest of the 3rd Quarter.

    Physics Code: e7lmsfm

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