• Mr. Coplan’s Classes:
    Periods 1 & 2 (MOS): THESE WILL BE THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE FIRST 2 WEEKS:  These will be completed on the NGLSYNC.CENGAGE.COM
    Chapter 10 Training
    Chapter 10 Exam
    Chapter 10 - Project 1 and Project 2
    Period 3 (ECS):  THESE WILL BE THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE FIRST 3 WEEKS: These will be completed on CODEHS.COM
    Complete the first 10 assignments in the CodeHS.com 
    You will be writing programs to training Carol (The Dog). Be sure to watch the videos. (DO NOT SKIP THESE VIDEOS) They are tutorials on how to write the programs. If you complete more than 10 assignments I will give you extra credit for each one you successful complete.
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