• Curriculum

    READING PROGRAM:We use the ReadyGEN reading program, an integrated literacy program. ReadyGEN’s instructional approach focuses on integrating all of the literacy skills and foundational reading skills within the context of authentic reading selections. In conjunction with this series, we may use Benchmark Assessment Reading Level, MAP Reading and Math Assessments and DIBELS assessments to monitor our students’ progress. Additionally, many of our students are supported with small group instruction.

    Academic Support

    HOMEWORK INFORMATION: All students in 4th and 5th grade will have homework almost every night. They should write their homework in their Student Planner daily. Parents/Guardians should check their child’s planner to make sure the homework is completed; they should then sign the Student Planner. Student Planners should return each day with the child to and from school. Teachers and parents use the planner to communicate back and forth.

    Parents, please continue to monitor the homework your child brings home. Remember, homework provides additional practice for concepts being learned at school. Your child should read for 20-30 minutes per evening and you should read aloud to your child each day. There is bound to be improvements in grades, test scores, and confidence in reading when students and parents read daily at home.