2020 Millage Committee

  • The Columbus Board of Education has announced the members and upcoming meeting dates for its 2020 Millage Committee, which is tasked with bringing a recommendation to the Board regarding a possible levy or bond issue.

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    In light of the extended stay-at-home order and statewide school closures, the Columbus Board of Education and District leadership have decided to delay these important discussions. This will allow more time to gather additional information about the short-and-long-term effects of the pandemic crisis while also focusing on stabilizing the operations of the District as we transition to a virtual learning organization.

    The first of four 2020 Millage Committee meetings will convene virtually on Monday, April 27, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be streamed live on the Columbus City Schools’ Facebook page and the District's YouTube channel.

    Following the COVID-19 pandemic, below are the new Millage Committee meeting dates:

    • Monday, April 27
    • Monday, May 4
    • Monday, May 11
    • Monday, May 18

    All meetings will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m, 

    This Millage Committee was officially created from Board Resolution 19-15-390 during the June 18, 2019, regular business meeting:

    “The Columbus City Schools’ Board of Education, hereby charges the Millage Committee with reviewing the strategic plan, academic needs, operational requirements and financial condition of the District and make a recommendation to the Board of Education on the appropriateness of a levy and/or bond question, including form and amount, to be placed on the November 2020 general election ballot.”

    The Millage Committee will evaluate and discuss millage amounts for a potential operating levy, bond issue, and/or capital improvements levy. The committee will dissolve upon the completion and delivery of its recommendations to the Board of Education.

    The committee will be comprised of a broad group of community and District stakeholders and will be co-chaired by Phillip Calloway of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and Jordan Miller, a business and community advisor and formerly the President and CEO of the Central Ohio region of Fifth Third Bank.

    Board of Education President Jennifer Adair announced the committee’s co-chairs during the Feb. 4 regular business meeting.

    “This is a committee that we as a Board of Education have put forth to assist us in determining what type and how much of a levy we will ask the voters for,” said President Adair. “This committee includes a broad group of community and District stakeholders who can share their unique perspectives with the Board and be the voice of the community in this process. Our co-chairs, Mr. Calloway and Mr. Miller, bring a wealth of experience and leadership within the community. We appreciate their willingness to lead this committee, and we appreciate all of the committee members for volunteering their time and energy to this process.”

    President Adair and Board Member Michael Cole will serve as ex-officio members of the committee. CCS Treasurer/CFO Stan Bahorek will facilitate the committee.

    2020 Millage Committee Members:

    • Phillip Calloway, Co-Chair, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
    • Jordan A. Miller Jr., Co-Chair, Community Member
    • Lourdes Barroso de Padilla, Latina Mentoring Academy
    • Barbara Benham, Huntington Bank
    • Lois Carson, Columbus School Employees Association
    • Jo Ellen Cline, Franklin County Auditor’s Office
    • John Coneglio, Columbus Education Association
    • Reverend Dr. Victor Davis, Trinity Baptist Church
    • Debby Deschanau, Columbus Schools Classified Supervisors Association
    • Reverend Dorian Grant, Greater 12th Baptist Church, Baptist Pastors Conference of Columbus and Greater Vicinity
    • Sean Grant, One Columbus
    • Sam Gresham, SGI International
    • Michael Jones, Coldwell Banker King Thompson
    • Eva Provenzale McVey, EcoFlora
    • Kimberly Mills, Columbus Administrator Association
    • Jawahir Mohamed, Community Member
    • Ismail Mohamed, Ismail Law Office
    • Dr. Tracy Najera, Children’s Defense Fund
    • Engja Ndiaye, G.O.R.E.E Insurance Company
    • Jim Negron, Corna Kokosing
    • Sudarsan Pyakurel, Bhutan Nepali Community of Columbus
    • Matt Smydo, City of Columbus Education Department
    • N. Michelle Sutton, Community Member
    • Yohannan Terrell, Warhol and WALL ST.
    • Jennifer Adair, Ex-Officio Member, Board of Education President
    • Michael Cole, Ex-Officio Member, Board of Education Member
    • Stanley Bahorek, Facilitator, Columbus City Schools Treasurer/CFO