• Empowering School Psychologist

  • Columbus City Schools (CCS) School Psychologists receive an extensive amount of training to develop and maintain their ability to serve the students and staff at CCS.  School psychologists are life-long learners and continue enhancing their knowledge and skills related to the academic, mental, and emotional well-being of students across Pre-K through age 21. Throughout the community and district, school psychologists conduct various workshops, staff in-services, and presentations on a variety of topics including:

    • Evidence-based academic and behavioral interventions (e.g., Incremental Rehearsal, Check-In/Check-Out, etc.)
    • Functional behavioral assessments and creating behavioral intervention plans
    • English as a Second Language/ English Language Learners
    • Trauma-informed/ trauma-sensitive practices in schools
    • Restorative practices
    • Signs of Suicide
    • Zones of Regulation

    CCS will invite outside presenters but will also have CCS School psychologists present and share information regarding their own expertise.  If you are interested in providing training to the CCS school psychologists, then you can email John Cook at jcook1324@columbus.k12.oh.us




  • Professional Development

  • Q-Inclusion Wes Chernin & Finn Menzies.  Introduction to Transgender Cultural Responsiveness.  Gaining tools to help trans individuals.  Sept. 22-23, 2022

    Understanding trans individuals


  • School Psychologists held the 22-23 opening year meeting at the Columbus Zoo.  New staff and interns were introduced and department procedures and resources were reviewed.

    22-23 School Psychologists