2018 Facilities Task Force

  • Brought together by Interim Superintendent Dr. John Stanford, the 2018 Facilities Task Force, comprised of volunteer family, community, and business stakeholders, will assist in reviewing data and making recommendations on schools and administrative buildings the Board of Education might consider for closing. The recommendations might also include changes in attendance boundaries, enrollment, and/or grade configurations for schools.

Final Recommendations

  • Closing out seven months of in-depth data review, wide-spread public engagement, and thoughtful deliberation, the Columbus Board of Education voted to advance several recommendations put forward by a community-led Facilities Task Force.

    The Board thanked the work of the 19-member Facilities Task Force, comprised of family, community, and business stakeholders who in April began a process of considering potential school consolidations, enrollment zone changes, and administrative site relocations. The Board then voted to close the work of the Facilities Task Force and move forward on six of the eight Final Recommendations.

    Four of the Final Recommendations will advance as proposed:

    Final Recommendation 1
    The Facilities Task Force recommends the adjustment of attendance boundaries for Highland Elementary, West Broad Elementary, and Westgate Elementary to distribute student enrollment across the three buildings, balance building utilization, and improve safe access for students in the neighborhood.

    Final Recommendation 2
    The Facilities Task Force recommends the adjustment of attendance boundaries for Maize Elementary and North Linden Elementary to better distribute student enrollment and improve services to students.

    Final Recommendation 7 (Administrative Sites)
    The Facilities Task Force recommends that the District identify plans to relocate existing operations/programming out of the Linmoor Education Center, Seventeenth Ave. Facility, and the Hudson Distribution Center into new space that is better able to accommodate these functions (which may include the Southland facility or school sites).

    Final Recommendation 8 (Administrative Sites)
    The Facilities Task Force recommends that the District develop a long-range study on the feasibility, cost, and potential relocation sites for the downtown CEC Complex, Food Production Center, Ft. Hayes Transportation Compound, and Kingswood Data Center.

    Two of the recommendations will advance with a request by the Board for the Interim Superintendent to further study the various components of those recommendations are report back to the Board:

    Final Recommendation 3
    The Facilities Task Force recommends the relocation of Columbus North International (Grades 9-12) to the former Brookhaven High School to co-locate with the current Columbus Global Academy AND the relocation of Dominion Middle School into the larger North High School site, expansion of Dominion’s academic program to include language immersion curriculum for Grades 6-8, addition of Columbus International Grades 7-8 to Dominion, and reassignment of Grade 6 from Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy, Ecole Kenwood French Immersion, and Hubbard Mastery into relocated Dominion Middle School.

    Final Recommendation 6 (Administrative Sites)
    The Facilities Task Force recommends that the District identify immediate plans (by the end of the 2019-2020 school year) to move existing operations/ programming out of the Morse Road Bus Compound, the former Beery Middle School/Marion-Franklin Opportunity Center, and the Adult Education Center on Lexington Avenue and close all the facilities.

    The Board also asked the Interim Superintendent to identify interim alternative solutions for building conditions at Columbus Alternative High School (CAHS).

    In their vote, members of the Board also directed that no further action be taken on two of the Final Recommendations, which means:

    Final Recommendation 4
    The District will not consider co-location of Buckeye Middle School into Marion-Franklin High School and closure of the Buckeye building; creation of a dedicated South Middle School within South High School, reassignment of Grade 6 from Lincoln Park, Livingston, Moler, Siebert, Stewart, and Southwood to the new South Middle School; adjustment of the attendance boundaries for Southwood Elementary and Stewart Elementary to include the current Siebert neighborhood catchment, closure of Siebert Elementary; NOR adjustment of Fairwood Elementary into the East feeder pattern, with Grade 6 reassigned to Champion Middle School.

    Final Recommendation 5
    The District will not consider conversion of Linden-McKinley STEM Academy into Linden-McKinley STEM Middle School, reassignment of Linden-McKinley Grades 9-12 to East High School; reassignment of Grade 6 from Hamilton STEM, Linden STEM, South Mifflin STEM, and Windsor STEM to the new Linden-McKinley STEM Middle School; NOR reassignment of middle school English-as-a-Second-Language Units (including the ESL Sheltered Site) at Medina Middle School and Mifflin Middle School to the new Linden-McKinley STEM Middle School, adjustment of the attendance boundary for Medina Middle to include the current Mifflin Middle catchment boundary (merging both schools at Medina), and closure of the Mifflin Middle School building.

    As part of the Facilities Task Force’s work, thousands of voices throughout the city were heard through an impressive community feedback effort - with unfiltered feedback shared directly with all task force members - including seven community meetings and hundreds of responses collected through in-school presentations, direct email, phone calls, and an online/app survey.


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