Entrepreneurial Class Program

  • Columbus City Schools is partnering with the Hawken School to bring an entrepreneurial educational experience to the new Options for Success Program!

    The Model:

    In this rich academic model for experiential education, students learn skills and gain confidence 
    by solving real-world problems in teams.

    Solving Real-Life Problems:

    Hawken School partners with local entrepreneurs who challenge students to solve their real and urgent startup-type problems.  Having covered a great deal of learning terrain through solving real business problems, students then choose problems they care about as they create their own business modes.

    Learning by Doing on Teams:

    Using 21st century methodologies, students solve multiple real-world problems that don’t have answers in the back of the book.  Utilizing the diversity of their team’s strengths, they create sophisticated solutions validated by research, interviews and field work.

    Mastering Skills and Confidence:

    Students master skills in creative problem-solving, critical thinking, communications, collaboration and citizenship by working on problems that are meaningful to them.  They turn ideas into successful realities through the entrepreneurial process and develop substantive confidence as they experience the power of their own abilities.

    More Information:

    If you are interested in learning more about Korda Methods and the possibility of offering it at your school, please see the link below and contact Doris Korda to discuss possibilities. Wildfire Education: Korda Methods

     If you did not get a chance to see our movie from the first pilot, here is a link for you: Hot Chicken Takeover

    For our second entrepreneurial project, we doubled our student participation, and are partnering with Bikes for All People (Bikes 4 All People), who have proven to be yet another outstanding community partner! 

    For our third entrepreneurial project, we partnered with Ena's Caribbean Kitchen. "Excellent Food, Must Try!" Ena's Kitchen

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    Below is a video our students created. Enjoy!

    The Spooky Robot of All Time